Franklin EmX Line

The first EmX corridor, the Franklin line, operates between downtown Eugene and downtown Springfield and also serves the University of Oregon. There are 11 stops along the 4-mile Franklin route. Each station consists of one lighted map cabinet, one or more porcelain enamel station name signs, and one or more porcelain enamel destination signs. The map cabinets are stainless steel construction, with porcelain enamel EmX logo medallions, tempered glass doors and internal illumination. All of the map cabinets also have etched stainless steel ADA Braille tactile signs, and etched stainless steel No Smoking signs attached. Four of the map cabinets are double-sided. On the Franklin Line there are a total of 16 porcelain enamel station name signs and 16 porcelain enamel destination signs.

June 2006 to January 2007

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